• Emixa


    Emixa leads the digital transformation in manufacturing, providing innovative solutions for operational efficiency and competitive edge. We embrace constant evolution, offering state-of-the-art solutions tailored to our clients needs. Committed to excellence, we build partnerships to thrive in a digital future, driven by expertise and innovation for growth and success.

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  • ZonMW


    Innovation in health, healthcare and well-being concerns healthy living, disease prevention, new treatments and drugs, and the right care at the right place. Our health is also increasingly interwoven with broader societal challenges.

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  • Talentmark


    With our broad experience in the Life Science market, we are able to support our clients (mainly pharmaceutical industry) in finding the right candidates for starting towards management team positions.

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  • YoungFinancials


    Want to work at the top of the financial sector? Then you’re good! For 17 years now, we have been connecting national and international financial talent with positions within the top of the Dutch financial sector. We believe in the power of young talent and innovation. Young Financials ensures a great start to your career…

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  • Shell


    Shell is an energy company operating in more than 70 countries globally with more than 100,000 staff. We are providing our customers with the energy they need for today and tomorrow.

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  • NRG


    The world is changing, our markets are changing. We see strong growth for nuclear medicine treatments, especially for personalized and targeted cancer therapy. That is why our strategy is to develop the next generation of nuclear medicines. We do this by consolidating our existing operation through collaboration with our customers, by further expanding our R&D…

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  • Stedin


    Stedin is the distribution system operator for the regions: South Holland, Zeeland, and Utrecht. Our network is the essential link to achieving the energy goals of the future. We are responsible for transporting gas and electricity to cities, villages, industries, and electric charging infrastructures. With the energy transition changing the energy landscape, we face significant…

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  • Sue


    Our passion is enabling organizations to realize their full potential through innovative Cloud and IT solutions.

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  • Kern Engineers

    Kern Engineers

    “The right engineer in the right role” is important for both engineers and companies, because if there is a good match, success is virtually guaranteed. The advisors at KERN Engineers do everything they can to get to know both sides well. You as an engineer are asked about your wishes and ambitions in the field…

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  • Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied

    Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied

    The North Sea Canal Area Environmental Service is the environmental service for the area around the North Sea Canal. We do this for 8 municipalities and 3 provinces. Our most important task is to keep this area livable.

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  • CIM Solutions

    CIM Solutions

    CIMSOLUTIONS has been providing high-quality and professional ICT consultancy services and software development solutions to the top 500 largest companies in the Netherlands for 30 years. Our expertise covers all phases of the software life cycle: Specification and feasibility Design, development, test and implementation Maintenance, management and project management of both custom and standard applications,…

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  • Magnet Me

    Magnet Me

    We want to help you build a career you love. Get practical advice on exploring different career paths and finding a job and employer that’s best for you.

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  • DSW Zorgverzekeraar

    DSW Zorgverzekeraar

    DSW Health Insurer is a health insurer with nearly 450,000 policyholders. DSW believes that everyone is entitled to easily accessible and affordable high quality care. Therefore DSW Zorgverzekeraar is closely involved in healthcare and participates in numerous healthcare-related projects. Insuring care is more than collecting premiums and paying bills. Involvement in healthcare and an excellent…

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  • Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat

    Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat

    The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is committed to improving quality of life, access and mobility in a clean, safe and sustainable environment. The Ministry strives to create an efficient network of roads, railways, waterways and airways, effective water management to protect against flooding, and improved air and water quality.

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  • Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions

    Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions

    PSS provides dedicated, qualified and trained Eurofins personnel who work at a pharmaceutical client’s site using client facilities, equipment, computer systems, SOPs and methods.

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  • Qquest


    Qquest is a young IT organization that is continuously growing in knowledge and development. To remain successful in this rapidly changing world, organizations must be flexible and continuously think ahead. That is why we invest today in tomorrow’s specialists.

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  • Nationale Nederlanden

    Nationale Nederlanden

    With nearly 16,000 employees, NN offers products and services in the field of pensions, insurance, investments and banking. NN Group has various brands, including: NationaleNederlanden, ABN AMRO Insurance, Movir, AZL, BeFrank, Zich and OHRA. We are also active in 10 other countries.

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  • EOM


    Established in 1998, EOM provides support to companies and organizations that use SAS® Software. Our support ranges from installation and management of the platform to providing data analysis, modeling and engineering services. Our customers span multiple sectors, both profit and non-profit. The company itself is comprised of an eclectic beta bunch with different types of…

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  • KNMI


    KNMI advises on and warns society to reduce risks in the field of weather, climate and seismology and to limit damage and injuries. With high-quality knowledge and technology plus an extensive observation network, KNMI offers products and services that contribute to the safety, accessibility, sustainability and prosperity of the Netherlands.

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  • AIVD


    The AIVD works to protect the security of the Netherlands and its inhabitants. We look for invisible threats and are alert to events at home and abroad that could endanger our security.

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  • CBS


    As the statistical agency in the Netherlands, CBS provides insight into social issues with reliable statistical information and data. CBS thus fuels social debate, policy development and decision-making and thus contributes to prosperity, well-being and democracy. CBS is constantly developing and offers space for your ideas and your knowledge!

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  • Qualogy


    We combine software with the latest technological developments, for example in the field of Data Science and Cloud Computing.

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  • Valcon


    Valcon is a full-service provider that works at the intersection between consultancy, technology, data, advanced analytics and strategy. Situated in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, Valcon forms a North-West European community helping clients across national borders.

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  • ITDS


    ITDS is an Amsterdam consultancy for financial service providers. Our core business is financial services, but we also do projects with other kinds of companies. With an enthusiastic team, we work for Dutch and international insurers, banks and pension…

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  • Gupta Strategists

    Gupta Strategists

    Gupta Strategists is a leading strategic consulting firm for organizations in the healthcare sector. Clients include hospitals, health insurance companies, government, and financiers. Gupta Strategists provides practical solutions or innovative ideas for complex issues. Working at Gupta means being trained as an all-round strategy consultant, working on large projects within a small team, and continuously…

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  • Young Innovators of Medicines

    Young Innovators of Medicines

    The YIM is a group of enthusiastic young professionals working in the pharmaceutical sector. We contribute and work with other (young) healthcare professionals to improve healthcare in the Netherlands

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  • AeroDelft


    AeroDelft is a non-profit student team, which aims to build and fly the world’s first liquid hydrogen fueled cell aircraft.The aviation sector is one of the largest existing and one of the most impactful globally when it comes to…

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  • De carrièrebus

    De carrièrebus

    We want to help you build a career you love. Get practical advice on exploring different career paths and finding a job and employer that’s best for you.

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  • i2i


    We are i2i, a young, ambitious, goal-oriented and intelligent organization based in Amsterdam of around 35 people. We focus on one of the most important challenges in healthcare: improving cost-effectiveness and quality of healthcare. How can we ensure that…

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