• Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions

    Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions

    PSS provides dedicated, qualified and trained Eurofins personnel who work at a pharmaceutical client’s site using client facilities, equipment, computer systems, SOPs and methods.

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  • IG&H


    We are a market leader in complex end-to-end digital transformation across 5 industries: insurance, banking, pensions, healthcare and retail.

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  • Delaware


    “We guide our clients through their business and digital transformations while delivering advanced ICT solutions and services.”

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  • De Kleine Consultant

    De Kleine Consultant

    As the first student-run, non-profit consulting firm in the Netherlands, we offer a platform to ambitious and talented students who want to gain experience in the strategy consulting industry.

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  • Uber


    We are a tech company that connects the physical and digital worlds to help make movement happen at the tap of a button. Because we believe in a world where movement should be accessible. So you can move and earn safely. In a way that’s sustainable for our planet. […]

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  • ACE


    ACE Incubator is the university business incubator in Amsterdam, powered by UvA, VU, HvA and Amsterdam UMC. ACE bridges the gap between scientific knowledge and entrepreneurship.

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  • Quatronic


    The world needs problem solvers. Not people who only dream up ideas, but people who turn them into reality. That’s exactly what we do at Quatronic. We’ve built a business by finding smart, creative, analytical thinkers and teaching them to turn their ideas into reality using low-code.

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  • Qquest


    Qquest is a young IT organization that is continuously growing in knowledge and development. To remain successful in this rapidly changing world, organizations must be flexible and continuously think ahead. That is why we invest today in tomorrow’s specialists.

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  • Navara


    Navara is a fast-growing software and AI consultancy, located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Bosch and Driebergen. Together with 250 ambitious professionals we make a difference for our customers every single day. Our specialty is software of the highest possible quality that works sufficiënt, has a 100% live rate and makes a real impact.

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  • Nationale Nederlanden

    Nationale Nederlanden

    With nearly 16,000 employees, NN offers products and services in the field of pensions, insurance, investments and banking. NN Group has various brands, including: NationaleNederlanden, ABN AMRO Insurance, Movir, AZL, BeFrank, Zich and OHRA. We are also active in 10 other countries.

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  • Eurofins


    Eurofins Scientific is a life sciences company that offers analytical testing services for various industries; testing food, environment, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products. It also provides services for genomics, pharmacology, forensics, CDMO, material sciences and clinical studies.

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  • EOM


    Established in 1998, EOM provides support to companies and organizations that use SAS® Software. Our support ranges from installation and management of the platform to providing data analysis, modeling and engineering services. Our customers span multiple sectors, both profit and non-profit. The company itself is comprised of an eclectic beta bunch with different types of…

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  • KNMI


    KNMI advises on and warns society to reduce risks in the field of weather, climate and seismology and to limit damage and injuries. With high-quality knowledge and technology plus an extensive observation network, KNMI offers products and services that contribute to the safety, accessibility, sustainability and prosperity of the Netherlands.

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  • C motions

    C motions

    Cmotions is a data & AI consultancy employing over 80 professionals who all believe in the mission that data can contribute to a better future. This involves using data and technology, but we believe that the people make the difference. Together, we create a futureproof foundation with which fact-based decisions can be made.

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  • Avantor


    Avantor®, a Fortune 500 company, is a leading global provider of mission-critical products and services to customers in the biopharma, healthcare, education & government, and advanced technologies & applied materials industries. We set science in motion to create a better world and have done so for over 100 years.

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  • Thales


    Meet Thales; one of the largest hightech employers in Digital Identity & Security, Transportation, Space, Defense & Security and Aerospace.

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  • Witteveen + Bos

    Witteveen + Bos

    Witteveen+Bos offers its clients value-added consultancy and top-quality designs for water, infrastructure, environment and construction projects.

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  • Northpool


    At Northpool we trade mainly Western European short-term power which is power that is used on the same day or the day after it is traded. Our core business is trading power and gas combined with expertise and knowledge of a broader range of energy products such as oil, coal and emissions as all are…

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  • ChipSoft


    Put your back into it and develop the best healthcare software. With that sense of team spirit Hans and Gerrit Mulder started ChipSoft in 1986. That no-nonsense mentality is still at the centre of the company.

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  • CBS


    In a society in which information is growing explosively, free access to reliable and integrated data is crucial. As the statistical agency in the Netherlands, CBS provides reliable statistical information with insight into social issues.

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  • Valcon


    Valcon is a full-service provider that works at the intersection between consultancy, technology, data, advanced analytics and strategy. Situated in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Germany, Valcon forms a North-West European community helping clients across national borders.

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  • Q-Consult Zorg

    Q-Consult Zorg

    Met het organisatieadvies van Q-Consult Zorg, de mensen via Q-Talent en de opleidingen en coaching van Q-Academie ondersteunen we zorgorganisaties bij alle kansen en veranderingen die zich aandienen.

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  • DongIT


    We’re a group of cybersecurity experts, ethical hackers, and developers. Our unique character is defined by combining our extensive web security and web development knowledge, where these two key areas are of indispensable value to the other.

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  • Infi


    We develop custom software for business customers to build or expand their product. In addition, we help startups by growing their development team in a sustainable way.

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  • Gupta Strategists

    Gupta Strategists

    Gupta Strategists is an independent consultancy for organizations in the healthcare sector, at home and abroad. We provide practical solutions or innovative ideas for complex issues.

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  • Young Colfield

    Young Colfield

    De wereld vanuit zelfbewustzijn in beweging te brengen, dat is onze missie. Binnen onze traineeships, het Talent en Dedicated Program, ga je op verschillende manieren aan de slag met je eigen ontwikkeling.

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  • BPM Company

    BPM Company

    BPM Company is an IT organization where we are specialized in automating and optimizing business processes. We do this with one mission; making our customers’ business operations as digital, efficient and future-proof!

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  • Data Science Lab

    Data Science Lab

    We are Data Science Lab. We are a team of data professionals, consultants, and experts. We are your data partner who thinks along and ahead, offers advice, and takes part in strategy sessions. Together with all kinds of organisations, we turn data into valuable knowledge.

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  • Formorrow


    We connect talents in IT and life sciences with the jobs that will bring out the best in you.

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  • Young Innovators of Medicines

    Young Innovators of Medicines

    The YIM is a group of enthusiastic young professionals working in the pharmaceutical sector. We contribute and work with other (young) healthcare professionals to improve healthcare in the Netherlands

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  • SVI Huygens

    SVI Huygens

    Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) develops high-end software (Huygens) for microscopic images and is used by academic research institutions worldwide.

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  • De carrièrebus

    De carrièrebus

    We want to help you build a career you love. Get practical advice on exploring different career paths and finding a job and employer that’s best for you.

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  • i2i


    We are i2i, a young, ambitious, goal-oriented and intelligent organization based in Amsterdam of around 35 people. We focus on one of the most important challenges in healthcare: improving cost-effectiveness and quality of healthcare. How can we ensure that…

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