Below you can find all the companies that will be attending the BCE. You can use the filters to find the companies most interesting for you! Acquistion of new companies is still ongoing so stay on the lookout for additions to this page!

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AeroDelft is a non-profit student team, which aims to build and fly the world’s first liquid hydrogen fueled cell aircraft.The aviation sector is one of the largest existing and one of the most impactful globally when it comes to...

Algemene Inlichtingen- & Veiligheidsdienst

De AIVD werkt aan de bescherming van de veiligheid van Nederland en zijn inwoners. We zoeken naar onzichtbare dreigingen en zijn alert op gebeurtenissen in binnen- en buitenland die onze veiligheid in gevaar kunnen brengen.

Alliander N.V.

We are a large Dutch network company and ensure that more than 5 million customers have electricity and gas every day. We stand for an energy supply that gives everyone access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy under the...


Without realizing it, you already come in contact with Capgemini frequently in all sorts of ways. We work with our clients to create business & IT solutions that are geared to their customer’s needs and yield concrete results.

Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS)

In a society in which information is growing explosively, free access to reliable and integrated data is crucial. As the statistical agency in the Netherlands, CBS provides reliable statistical information and data with insight into social issues. This way,...


Put your back into it and develop the best healthcare software. With that sense of team spirit Hans and Gerrit Mulder started ChipSoftin 1986. That no-nonsense mentality is still at the centre of the company, maybe even more than...

Consultancy Mentor

Q&A Consultancy Mentor. Are you looking for a job in (strategy) consultancy? Consultancy Mentor helps students with personal introductions and with orienting and preparing for a job within strategy consultancy.

Gupta Strategists

Gupta Strategists is an independent consultancy for organizations in the healthcare sector, at home and abroad. We provide practical solutions or innovative ideas for complex issues.


We are i2i, a young, ambitious, goal-oriented and intelligent organization based in Amsterdam of around 35 people. We focus on one of the most important challenges in healthcare: improving cost-effectiveness and quality of healthcare. How can we ensure that...


ITDS is an Amsterdam consultancy for financial service providers. Our core business is financial services, but we also do projects with other kinds of companies. With an enthusiastic team, we work for Dutch and international insurers, banks and pension...

Kleine Consultant

Would you like to learn more about structuring a strategic issue? Do you have the ambition to work as a strategy consultant? Then this training is for you. We teach you the most important consultancy techniques for an issue to...