• Transport & Logistics

Number of employees:

  • Worldwide: 50
  • The Netherlands: 50

Location in The Netherlands:

  • Delft
  • Rotterdam

Operates in the following countries:

  • The Netherlands



Who we are and what we do

AeroDelft is a non-profit student team, which aims to build and fly the world’s first liquid
hydrogen fueled cell aircraft.The aviation sector is one of the largest existing and one of
the most impactful globally when it comes to greenhouse gases.With an annually changing
team of students from all over the world with various study backgrounds we try to prove
and promote liquid hydrogen as an alternative to conventional aircraft fuels. Our goal is to
revolutionize this industry and cut emissions thereby, thus reducing emissions drastically in
the aviation sector.

Our team is currently working on two aircrafts: a 1:3 Prototype, of which we will have the
maiden flight on hydrogen this summer and on a Full Scale two seater Sling 4. The
aircrafts are entirely designed and built from us: from the propulsion system to the
electronics to the structure. Moreover, our team also has an operation department, in
charge of organizing events, managing public relations, acquisitions and graphics.Our
standing motto is: Our future flies in clean skies!

Working opportunities

We are a non-profit student team, where all our team members, including the management
work voluntarily. The team changes most members on a year basis, despite many
students staying in contact with the team as part of the advisory.

Our team is currently working on the design and production of two aircrafts: a Prototype
and a Full Scale airplane. While the Prototype is already in final stages, the Full Scale
airplane will be our main project for the upcoming years.

Next to lots of different opportunities in engineering, AeroDelft also offers positions in
operations and management, which is mainly interested in the promotion of the project to
the public (events, social media, graphics and partnership).

We are mainly looking for students, in the final stages of their bachelor or in their master,
or people that just graduated, that are interested in sustainable aviation and want to gain
some experience in this field. We also offer to complete an internship or write a master’s
thesis at AeroDelft.

Our team consists of members with multiple study backgrounds, as we understand that a
multidisciplinary atmosphere is the best for the furthering of the project. Thus, although
most positions are filled with engineers, other bachelors are considered as well, ranging
from Aerospace Engineering to Political Science, Global Sustainability or Technology

Livestream – Our future flies in clean skies

We will have a presentation about AeroDelft in general. We try to talk about both the
technical aspects as well as the team itself and how it is to work in this team.
Nevertheless, the focus should be on the concept of how the team operates and what our
mission is.

We will talk about our project (Phoenix) and explain why it is special. We are a world’s first
and we want you to know why we decided to make this step that nobody has done before.
We will showcase how a student team can have a big impact and make an actual change
in climate change.

Spoken language of this livestream: English

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