• Transport & Logistics

Number of employees:

  • Worldwide: 50
  • The Netherlands: 50

Location in The Netherlands:

  • Delft
  • Rotterdam

Operates in the following countries:

  • The Netherlands


Workshop: No


Who we are and what we do

We are AeroDelft, a passionate student team based in Delft, Netherlands, dedicated to pioneering sustainable aviation solutions. Our team is composed of diverse talents from aerospace engineering, business, and design fields, united by our commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation.
At AeroDelft, our primary mission is to adapt existing aircraft to run on hydrogen propulsion technology, aiming to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation industry. Our current flagship project, Project Phoenix, focuses on retrofitting a full-scale Sling 4 aircraft to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Project Phoenix represents a groundbreaking leap forward in sustainable aviation, combining rigorous research, advanced design optimization, and practical experimentation. Collaborating closely with industry partners and leveraging our collective expertise, we are pushing the boundaries of environmentally friendly aviation technology.
Through our work on Project Phoenix and other initiatives, we strive to lead the way towards a more sustainable future for aviation, inspiring and empowering the next generation of aerospace engineers and innovators.

Next to lots of different opportunities in engineering, AeroDelft also offers positions in operations and management, which is mainly interested in the promotion of the project to the public (events, social media, graphics and partnership).

We are mainly looking for students, in the final stages of their bachelor or in their master, or people that just graduated, that are interested in sustainable aviation and want to gain some experience in this field. We also offer to complete an internship or write a master’s thesis at AeroDelft.

Our team consists of members with multiple study backgrounds, as we understand that a multidisciplinary atmosphere is the best for the furthering of the project. Thus, although most positions are filled with engineers, other bachelors are considered as well, ranging from Aerospace Engineering to Political Science, Global Sustainability or Technology Management.