Beta Career Event Amsterdam

BCE 22 April 2021 - The First Online Edition!

Registering for either the main event or one of the workshops will grant you access to the Bèta Career App!

What is this event?

The Beta Career Event (BCE) is the annual recurring career fair in Amsterdam for ambitious STEM students (in Dutch: bèta-studenten) and young professionals. The event is organised by the SBBA board consisting of students from multiple STEM disciplines. With a great variety of businesses ranging from startups to multinationals, the BCE is an excellent opportunity to connect yourself with companies and discover your career possibilities.

Are you ready to expand your network, interested in orientating on your future job or internship or curious what the business world has to offer you? Keep yourself up-to-date for the Beta Career Event 2021 on April 22 by following us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. And keep an eye out for the launch of our BCE app on the 11th of March!

For whom is this event?

The BCE is a career fair especially aimed at STEM students (in Dutch: bèta-student) and young professionals working in STEM. This includes bachelor students, master students, PhD-students and alumni with a background in computer science, mathematics, (bio)medical sciences, pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, physics and more. Students and young professionals from other disciplines with a keen interest with respect to the beta profile are also welcome and therefore invited to join and experience the BCE!

The Online Edition!

Due to the limitations imposed by the government in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, the BCE board has decided to host this year's event online. For this purpose, a fully customized application is currently being developed. The BCE app will allow users to have an in depth look at the companies that will be attending the event. Users will be able to use a fun matching tool to find companies that might be a the perfect fit for them! Furthermore, the app will offer an overview of all the upcoming events that BCE has to offer. The app will launch on the 11th of March so be ready!

The main event will be hosted by Meeting Masters on QIQO meeting platform. On the 22nd of April you will be able to attend livestreams, workshops and talk face-to-face with representatives of each company via video calls!

Check out the BCE 2020 promo here!

Information market

Are you at the start of your academic career and interested to orient yourself and discover new possibilities? Please check out the online information market hosted in our BCE app on April 22nd, 2021. During the online market, professionals from all kinds of organisations can answer your questions through a videocall connection. The information market is open all day and application through CV selection is not required, so you can visit the information market when it suits you best. Click here to see all the companies attending the information market.

Inspiring Speakers

The BCE gives you the opportunity to attend a number of inspiring talks held by inspiring speakers. Since the talks will be hosted online this year, there is unlimited capacity for students to join the live webinars. The line up will be made available at the start of April, 2021.


Are you interested in experiencing what it is like to work for a particular company as a real employee? Always wanted to improve your skill set and broaden your horizon? Sign up for one of our online workshops! During these interactive sessions, you will deal with a case provided by a company together with other selected students. Depending on the workshop, the duration of these interactive sessions are 1-3 hours. Please be aware that workshops are extremely popular among visitors, so registration requires uploading your resume and companies will select students with the most relevant backgrounds. The workshop registration closes 2 weeks before the event. In the week of the event, you will be informed if you are selected or not. Click here to see all the companies hosting a workshop.

One-on-one conversations

BCE 2021 offers the unique opportunity to have online one-on-one conversations with the attending companies. In such an interview, you have the possibility to talk to a company employee or recruiter and ask all your questions regarding internships, work life and job (selections), hosted by the company itself after the BCE day. Since these interviews are highly valued and popular among visitors, these one-on-one conversations require you to upload your resume through application and selection. Click here to see all the companies who will be hosting an interview and their student of interest.

Social Impact

This year, the BCE will also be dominated by social impact. We believe it is important to raise awareness among our target group of important and current social issues. Therefore, you will find a stories page in our app, with inspiring news items that are important to you as a student or job seeker. In addition, this year will also focus on entrepreneurship for young entrepreneurs, and other interesting social themes. So, stay tuned!