Beta Career Event

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The BCE is an annual recurring career fair. Especially aimed at STEM-students (in Dutch: bèta-studenten) and organised by STEM-students, all from multiple disciplines. With a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to multinationals, it’s an excellent opportunity to expand your network and career possibilities.

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For whom

The BCE is a career fair specially aimed at the STEM-student (bèta-student) and is the only Amsterdam-based STEM fair organised by students.
All STEM-students are invited:

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Information market

Would you like to orient yourself? Please check out the information market. Here, specialists from all kinds of companies can answer your questions. The information market is open all day, so you can walk in and out.


The Beta Career Event gives you the opportunity to attend a number of inspiring presentations. Do you want to know all ins and outs about business during / after your studies? And are you interested in developing new technologies? Make sure to attend one of the various presentations during the day!


Do you want to experience what you do as an employee of a particular company? Then sign up for a workshop. In an interactive way you will deal with a case. Companies request your CV and will try to stay in touch with you later. Workshops are very popular among students, and last around 2 hours.


We offer the unique opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with a company. In such a conversation, you talk to a company employee or recruiter, and you can really go into depth with questions about a company, and the company can also get to know you. This is thus a win-win for your possibilities. A one-on-one conversation requires a resume and takes about 15 minutes.


Did you think you could get home after 5 pm? We don't think so!

Top off the day with a free cold beer in your hand. While enjoying live music, you will contact your favorite company in an informal way!


In the afternoon there is a free lunch. The rest of the events will be announced soon.