Board Year

Board 2021-2022

Interested in doing a board-year for 2022-2023? Let us know by emailing us and we will keep you posted!

Become a board member

Do you want to do a part-time board year next to your studies and meet lots of companies? Organize the Beta Career Event 2023! You will have the freedom to organize all kinds of inspiring events for the benefit of the beta student as you see fit. It will be your task to make the events even more successful than ever before. You will improve your communication skills, management skills, professional attitude and become acquainted with your fellow board members. Together with them you will be responsible for organizing professional events and in doing so, you will be encouraged to innovate and think creatively.

Are you…

  •  … a person that takes responsibility?
  •  … eager to work hard?
  •  … a person with a hands-on mentality?
  •  … a teamplayer and initiator?
  •  … a beta-student?
  •  …. available to invest +- 8 hours a week?
  •  …. ready for a fun board year?


  •  President
  •  Secretary
  •  Treasurer
  •  IT Manager
  •  Logistics Manager
  •  Marketing Manager
  •  Acquisition Manager
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