Lijkt het jou leuk om de volgende (2025) editie van het Bèta Career Event neer te zetten?

Benieuwd wat het organiseren inhoudt? Op deze pagina lees je een omschrijving van de voornaamste taken per rol. Schroom niet ons vragen te stellen bij interesse!

Board of BCE 24

Jasper Joordens

As president, you are not exclusively the boss of the Beta Career Event but you are the first point of contact for the rest of the board members. Within the board, you have the central task of leading the board and managing the collaborative process. As president, it is important you have leading capacities, can make decisions and are a good communicator. During the board year, you work together with every other board member so you do a wide variety of work. This means it is also important to see the bigger picture and can help other board members make decisions. You lead board meetings and resolve discussions within the board or with other stakeholders. All in all, the job of president is varied, exciting and you can learn a lot from it.

Isak Verkaik

The Logistics manager has multiple exciting tasks to do in the board year for Beta Career Event. First of all, you are able to manage that everything runs smoothly during the event, like informing the attending companies with accurate information and leading the helpers during the day. Also, you can choose the location and decorate the whole event! It is a role for organized, creative, accurate, conflict-solving and efficient people and you will learn a lot from doing this job. At the end of the day, companies and students will be very happy with your great input!

Michiel Plomp Winkler

As a Secretary, you carry the main responsibility for organizing meetings and ensuring that the meetings are effectively organized and minuted. Maintaining administration, taking messages and handling correspondence are the main actions. Lastly, the Secretary is to support the Chairman in ensuring the smooth functioning of the management within the committee.

Marijn Kox

The marketing manager is the designer of the board. During the year you design all the social media posts. You also design and order all the physical promotions for the event. Finally, you also have meetings with other student/study associations about future collaborations. 

Jolie van der Heiden

As acquisition manager, you carry the main responsibility for the acquisition of companies and organisations for the event. For this purpose, you should keep an overview of which companies need to be contacted (such as previous collaborations), maintain good relations with them, and make sure that there are interesting companies for every student that is visiting (ranging from biomedicine to data science students). You have all the freedom in which companies you would like to collaborate with, which makes this function very exciting! Contacting all companies is too big of a task for yourself, so you should motivate and manage your fellow board members to help you. Finally, you should ensure that all available spots and time slots for companies are filled, and by doing so make sure that all costs for the event can be covered. This is a thrilling responsibility and definitely keeps you motivated throughout the preparations!

Ramy Nazar Ktllama
IT manager

As IT manager, you carry full responsibility for the proper functioning of all computer systems used for the Beta Career Event! You maintain and update our website, manage registration through our Google Workspace and provide intel to the team through Google Analytics. Furthermore, you take the lead in the procedure of matching students and companies in the workshops and one-on-ones, based on both parties’ preferences. You need to have a good sense of responsibility, know how to keep oversight and of course, you are interested in the tech side of hosting a large-scale event!

Jip de Boer

As a treasurer, you carry full responsibility for the financial oversight of the Beta Career Event. This means you keep track of all income and expenses, oversee budgets, and communicate and present these to the board. As a treasurer, you have a good sense of responsibility, know how to keep oversight, and of course, you are interested in the financial aspects of planning an event!