The Beta Career Event 2021

The Beta Career Event will be hosted online in our BCE app on Thursday, the 22nd of April 2021. During the event there will be three main activities: the information market, workshops and livestreams. During the online event, participants will be able to talk to representatives of each company via chat or videocall. Furthermore, a great deal of information on each company can already be found before the main event via our app which will launch on March 11th.

The information market

Are you at the start of your academic career and interested to orient yourself and discover new possibilities? Please check out the online information market hosted in our BCE app on April 22nd, 2021. During the online market, professionals from all kinds of organisations can answer your questions through a videocall connection. For each company, there will be a timeslot in which they will be able to answer question via a video call connection. For this, application through CV selection is not required, so anyone is free to come visit and say hello at the information market! Click here to see all the companies attending the information market.


Are you interested in experiencing what it is like to work for a particular company as a real employee? Always wanted to improve your skill set and broaden your horizon? Sign up for one of our online or offline workshops! During these interactive sessions, you will deal with a case provided by a company together with other selected students. Depending on the workshop, the duration of these interactive sessions are 1-3 hours. Please be aware that workshops are extremely popular among visitors, so registration requires uploading your resume and companies will select students with the most relevant backgrounds. The workshop registration closes 2 weeks before the event. In the week of the event, you will be informed if you are selected or not. Click here to see all the companies hosting a workshop.



Curious to know how thing really work within a company? Or perhaphs you would like to know the story behind a succseful entrepeneur? Sit back and relax while watching one or more of the livestreams that will happen during the main event! To have a look at which companies will be livestreaming have a look over here.