The Beta Career Event 2020

The Beta Career Event will be hosted on thursday 30th of April 2020 at Hotel Casa. During the event there will be three main activities: the information market, workshops and interviews. Furthermore, there will be a free lunch, drones, augmented reality and a LinkedIn booth where you can make a professional LinkedIn photo. The preliminary time-schedule can be found here.

The information market

Are you in the beginning phase and interested to orient yourself and discover new possibilities? Please check out the information market during the BCE 2020 on April 30. Here, specialists from all kinds of companies can answer your questions. The information market is open all day and application through CV selection is not required, wherefore you can visit the information market when it suits you best. Click here to see all the companies attending the information market.


Are you interested in experiencing what it is like to work for a particular company as a real employee? Always wanted to improve your skill set and broaden your horizon? Sign up for one of our workshops! During these interactive sessions, you will deal with a case provided by a company together with other selected students. Depending on the workshop the duration of these interactive sessions are one, two, or three hours. Please be aware that workshops are extremely popular among visitors, wherefore registrations is based on selection and requires uploading your resume. The registration closes 2 weeks before the event. The week of the event you will be informed if you are selected or not. Click here to see all the companies hosting a workshop.


One-on-one conversations

During BCE 2020 we offer the unique opportunity to have an one-on-one conversation together with one of the companies attending the BCE. In such an interview, you have the possibility to talk 15 minutes to a company employee or recruiter and ask all your questions regarding internships, work life and job (selections). Since these interviews are highly valued and popular among visitors, these one-on-one conversations requires your resume through application and selection. Click here to see all the companies who will be hosting an interview and their student of interest.


Apart from the three main activities there will be more activities to do. In the afternoon there is a free lunch. Additionally, there will be the opportunity to check your resume, make a professional LinkedIn photo, get career advice from career counselors and much more!

The BCE gives you the opportunity to attend a number of inspiring talks held by inspiring speakers. The talks have limited capacity and students are selected on a first come first served basis. Line up will be made available when the event is near.

Did you think you could get home after 5 pm? We don't think so! Top the day off with a free cold beer in your hand. While enjoying live music, you will have the opportunity to contact your favorite company in an informal way!