• Consultancy
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Technology
  • Information Technology

Number of employees:

  • Worldwide:  340
  • The Netherlands:  250

Location in The Netherlands:

  •  Amsterdam & Rijswijk (Headquarters)

Operates in the following countries:

  •  Nederland
  • Suriname




Information marketYes
One-on-one conversationsNo


Qualogy empowers organizations to work more effectively through intelligent solutions. We combine standard software and proven technologies – such as Oracle and Java – with the latest technological insights, for instance in the field of Data Science and Cloud Computing. Qualogy now has around 220 colleagues with a wide range of specialties and nationalities. Our services can be found in the Netherlands and the Caribbean. From our offices in Amsterdam, Rijswijk and Paramaribo, we are always looking for new talents to join our organization.

At Qualogy you will work in a truly diverse company, with personal attention and an excellent work-life balance. Develop your talents in a true knowledge culture. Be inspired and join Qualogy. 

Workshop Predicting future ice skating stars (Dutch speaking audience)

Sven Kramer, Jutta Leerdam, Ireen Wüst, The Netherlands has been among the world’s
top in speed skating for years. But even these skaters once started as young
amateurs.  Could we have predicted back then that they would become ice skating
Speed skating is a sport driven by data; for years, extensive data has been collected. Not
only from the Olympics and world championships, but also from smaller-scale competitions
and, above all, from youth events. By comparing young talents with renowned champions,
we might predict which talents have the most potential.
In this workshop, we provide you with the opportunity to predict which talents will reach the
top. We give you the chance to train a model using data from the KNSB. you’ll have the
freedom to come up with ideas through choosing specific models, parameter tuning, or
feature engineering.

Whether you’re a speed skating enthusiast, a data driven mind, or a developer looking to
broaden your horizons, this workshop introduces you to data science in the real world.