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Number of employees:

  • 5300

Locations in The Netherlands:

  •  Rotterdam, Utrecht, Delft, Goes, Heinenoord



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While our network keeps Dutch’s most complex economic region running 24/7, we are gearing up for one of our greatest challenges ever: the energy transition.

Linking up the largest wind and solar parks to the grid, letting self-generated energy flow back into the system, powering up cities, villages, industries, and electric cars, building a society free from the grip of natural gas: our network is the linchpin to realizing the energy goals of the future and that scale of complexity, that’s what drives us at Stedin. Every. Single. Day. Ready to join us?

As a Toekomstmaker, you are part of the discussions about the energy transition and make your voice heard. You have your own vision on the role of various parties and come up with practical solutions for challenges we encounter.

• You have just obtained a master’s degree (or will obtain it soon), preferably with technical affinity and/or a link to the energy sector, for example through relevant (work) experience, studies, or extracurricular activities. Consider programs such as sustainable energy technology, (technical) business administration, technical public administration, electrical engineering, energy engineering, or another relevant field of study.

• You have a maximum of 1 year of work experience.

• You are passionate and persistent in making a difference in the energy transition. Building sustainable innovations and improving grid management is what you want!

If you do not (yet) meet all the job requirements, but you think you are the right candidate, 

we are interested in hearing from you and invite you to apply!

Workshop Congestion management: the obstacles and solutions (Dutch speaking audience)

Onze case is gebaseerd op één van de vele uitdagingen waar Stedin mee te maken heeft: netcongestie. Het wordt een interactieve workshop, waar wij deels meer informatie geven over Stedin’s rol in de transitie en hoe netcongestie voor ons een prioriteit heeft, maar waar we ook aan de deelnemers zullen vragen om mee te denken over de oplossingen. Deze workshop is een combinatie van goed kunnen analyseren, buiten gebaande paden proberen te denken, en creativiteit. Het is niet nodig om een specifieke studieachtergrond te hebben, de benodigde achtergrond wordt door ons voorzien.