• Staffing and Recruiting

Number of employees:

  • 11-50

Location in The Netherlands:

  • The Hague



Information marketYes
One-on-one conversationsNo

Kern Engineers

“The right engineer in the right role” is important for both engineers and companies, because if there is a good match, success is virtually guaranteed. The advisors at KERN Engineers do everything they can to get to know both sides well. You as an engineer are asked about your wishes and ambitions in the field of work. What do you want to work on with passion and where do you want to grow in the long term? You will also be offered alternatives that may not be immediately obvious, but do arise from your answers to questions.

We also want to understand customers well in order to introduce them to the engineer that suits them. What is the management style, what work culture is desired and which profiles are necessary for the work now but also for the future?

In addition to “The right engineer in the right role”, transparency and honesty are important to KERN Engineers because we strive for long-term and pleasant cooperation with both parties. Visit for more information