Privacy Policy

Information regarding our privacy policy

This privacy policy sets out how the organisation of the Beta Career Event (BCE) uses and protects any personal information that you provide us with.

The BCE is an event organised by Stichting Beta Bedrijvencontactdag Amsterdam (SBBA). Throughout this policy, the members of the board of SBBA will be referred to as ‘we’.

Primarily, this document will explain the purposes of why we need your information. Secondly, it will make clear which types of information it is that we could ask from you. Thirdly, it will ensure you that we treat your information in a secure manner. Finally, it will point you to your rights as to show that you remain, at any time, in control of which information we have that considers you.

The information you give us will usually be handed over through our website (, but this policy applies for any type of information you provide us with, using any type of other medium as well.

By signing up for the event, you agree to this privacy policy. Through this document the BCE commits to ensuring that your privacy is protected by current law (General Data Protection Regulation).

At our event you will receive a Smart Card containing an NFC chip that will be linked to the personal profile that you have created on our website. You can scan this card at multiple companies at our event. By doing so you will allow the companies to send you an email so you can more easily stay connected after the event.

One of the stands at the information market will be our network stand. Here you can send LinkedIn requests to people by scanning both your cards. To make full use of this stand it is best to have added a picture and linkedin connection to your profile on our website. These will solely be used for your own entertainment at this stand and will never be shared with any third parties.

Lastly, your resume can also be used at the Young Analytics stand if you decide to use this service. Namely, they will host a stand where they can give feedback to your resume.


We document the information you give us about yourself when you subscribe for our events. We will use your data for the following reasons:

Types of information

For the purposes stated above we might ask you for the following types of information:

In case you have submitted yourself for a workshop or an interview, you are asked to upload your resume to our website and agree that we share this with the company of your interest.

We ensure that only the companies of your interest will check your resume to determine if they would be interested in your attendance at the workshop or personal conversation as well. The companies will not contact you personally during or after the event; instead all contact between the companies and students is communicated through the board of the BCE. Before the event we may contact you by email or phone.

We will ensure safe transfer to the recipient. After transfer, the privacy policy of the recipient is applicable. If you would like to see your data removed by the participating companies, please notify their privacy officer. We can assist you with the contact details. However, please notify that all companies who receive your resume also follow the General Data Protection Regulation law.


We understand that your data is sensitive and needs to be secured properly. Therefore, your personal data is stored in a safe cloud environment in the Netherlands. All personal information is protected with the highest end-to-end encryption standards AES-256 and RSA to prevent unauthorised access. Data is only accessible with your login details and password. Passwords are hashed using Bcrypt which auto generates a salt and will go through 2^10 rounds of processing and will never be stored in plain text. To ensure a safe connection, we only allow connections made over HTTPS(HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). The certifications are issued by the “Let’s Encrypt Authority” and renewed every 60 days. The certificates are only stored on this server.

Duration of data storage

We store your data for the time that we need to fulfil the purposes as stated in this policy. This means we will remove all your data, including resumes, in the week after the event. The only exception is your email address which we hold on to for one more year as to keep you informed about the BCE.

The data regarding the check in time at the event will be stored for one year. This can be used for data analysis, however, all personal information will be anonymized.

Your rights

If you have any wishes to make use of these rights or just want to know which information we currently possess that considers you, send an e-mail to

In the unfavorable occasion you have a complaint about our privacy policy you always have the right to contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA). Naturally we hope you’ll come to us beforehand, so we can try to work it out without the DPA’s help first.

If you have further questions about our privacy policy you can contact us at