Tim Leunissen, co-founder of Tactile Events

I immediately have to think about the moment I started working together with Alexander, this put a lot into motion. I was 21 and Alexander and myself had worked together in a couple of courses, so we knew we enjoyed working together. We both liked the idea of doing something entrepreneurial. We jumped aboard the whole data hype. Our idea was to help small and medium businesses with decision-making based on data. Which grew out to the product, Tactile.

Recently we were able to transform that product into digital form. Our attitude was that we were gonna put our business on hold for a year but currently we are actually working harder than we had planned. The decision to do so flowed forward out of me still working together with Alexander. We sat down together, looked at what needed to be done and made the decision. Alexander had a pioneering role with this decision.

I can recommend starting something small or doing some entrepreneurship on the side while studying. The big advantage is that as a student, money for your personal expenses doesn’t play that big of a role yet. What I notice now in my work is that money plays a bigger role in your life than it did before. It becomes harder to get a few friends rallied up for a few weeks without a plan for funding. During your studies people are a bit more like minded and time isn’t your scarcest resource yet, you have a lot more freedom in your decisions. You lose a little of that when people start working.

Starting a small business is a very fun way to get to know your personal value and to get to know your talents. Do you prefer the more technical aspect or do you like sitting at the negotiations table. You learn a lot of things that you do not if your work for a boss, your role as an entrepreneur is very diverse.

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