Noah Ras, Company owner

I recently took over the company that I started working at five years ago when I was sixteen.  Up to that point I had done a lot of freelancing from which I learned valuable lessons. At one point I had the thought that taking over the company I was working at was maybe an option. At first it was just a thought in my head, but the people around me also gave this idea back to me, which gave me the confirmation I needed.

Me and the former owner had a lot of conversations and the idea really grew on us. We both got very enthusiastic of the idea and of each other. My uncle, who is also an entrepreneur but in a different sector said that I had to take this opportunity. Me and the former owner started having conversations about me taking over the company during the first lockdown, but our business luckily has not suffered much so we mostly saw it as an opportunity to develop. The entrepreneur job can be stressful at times, but most of the time I leave the office with a good feeling, feeling that I have done everything I wanted and have taken valuable steps.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, start small, if you want to do design, just start designing something for a family member, maybe get yourself a website, or even post an ad on Marktplaats. I think this principle goes for life in general as well, each day you must be willing to take a small step, take a small risk. Of course I was lucky, but I did get out there every day, and took a small step which eventually led me here.

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