Bram Oskam, from KnappeKoppen

It all started with my minor in entrepreneurship. That is a six-month program in which you set up your own start-up. At the time, I was busy setting up a production company where we developed cheap video content for other startups. I learned a lot from that. You learn a lot from setting up something yourself. I didn’t have many ideas in the beginning. Later I got an external coach who gave me advice once a week. This was Sybren from KnappeKoppen. After a while I started working there too and a year and a half later I still work there.
I started the talent activation branch of KnappeKoppen together with the founder of KnappeKoppen. It focuses on activating talent in the field of entrepreneurship. We try to come into contact with talent in a creative way. We organize pitch competitions, interactive workshops and coach a lot of students. In this way we help people in creating an entrepreneurial mindset.

I really like the freedom that I have in my work. I support what I do because I have contributed to the development myself. Creating something from scratch and solving problems is what I’m proud of. To create something yourself and enjoy the freedom it gives you.I would like to say that it is now more difficult as a student to make contact. But I would recommend that you dare to ask. People always enjoy giving advice and helping other people, especially when they can talk about their own experiences. Also look within your network for people you can ask for help. Try a positive approach, it can lead to unexpected things. On Friday afternoon, KnappeKoppen organizes ‘Het Carrière Kwartier’. That is a non-binding 15 minutes that you can book. They will then virtually sit down to help you with things such as advice about study choice, looking for a side job or perform a CV check. Even if you have an idea for your own company, you can always knock on their door. Also KnappeKoppen will provide a workshop at BCE 2021 which will kick ass for sure! Thanks guys

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