Amsterdam is internationally known for having a vibrant startup culture. Exactly for this reason the first startup battle at the BCE was organized in 2017. Due to the success of the first event another startup battle was organized in 2018. However, for this event the Amsterdam Student Investment Fund and ACE helped setting up the event. The startups Smart Crops, FirstFloor and Ohnana Tents participated in the event and the latter ended up winning the event. Their tents are known for their great airflow, heat- and light blocking properties.

This year the startup battle will be organized with ASIF

Prices for participating at the startup battle


Benny Wessels (CCO & CO-owner of Ohnana Tents): The startup battle was a great event, and a great way to kickstart our startup! Furthermore, after the event the coaching from ACE and the network of ASIF helped us in terms of crowdfunding and getting relevant grants

Are you interested in participating in the startup battle of 2019? Please send an e-mail to with the name of your startup and a short description of your startup.

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