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Who we are and what we do

Qompas effectively functions as a link between students and companies. A successful job application starts with YOU. The online Application Tools on the Qompas website start with a thorough self-analysis. Once you’ve painted an accurate picture of yourself, it’s essential to show potential employers your convincing personality and unique talents during application procedures. That way you will give them an honest and realistic picture of who you are and convince them that you’ll make a valuable employee. The interactive exercises included in the Qompas Application Tools prepare you for every step in the application procedure and challenge you to find out more about yourself.

Free CV-check Workshop (14:00 15:15) & Online

Are you unsure about your summary in your resume? The photo on your resume? Or do you just want to do a check to make sure your CV passes the inspection?

An employer looks at a CV for an average of 20 seconds. So make sure it stands out and contains the correct information! Have your resume checked by our talent coaches and they will see if your resume passes the inspection within 20 seconds.

What do you get with a CV check?

  • A thorough CV check on all parts of the CV;
  • Handy templates to format your CV;
  • Tips from the eyes of a recruiter.

 In preparation for the Bèta Career Event, Qompas offers every registrant a free CV check! Request this via: https://carrierestart.qompas.nl/cv-check-aanvragen and mention "Beta Career Event" in the comments field.