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  • Sector:
    • Accountancy
    • Biology & Life Sciences
    • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
    • Consultancy
    • Data Analytics
    • Digital Technology
    • Financial Services
    • Information Technology (IT)
  • Number of employees:
    • The Netherlands: 200-400
  • Location in The Netherlands:
    • Amersfoort
    • Amsterdam
    • Utrecht
    • Randstad
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Procam - Career Crafters

Who we are and what we do

Hi Beta! You are probably on the verge of an important decision: finding a challenging entry-level job. But how well do you know yourself? What are your talents and most importantly: what is your passion? This is exactly where Procam comes in, helping fresh graduates through this process with our traineeship: the CareerCraft Academy. We have over 100 entry-level jobs in IT spread over more than 40 organizations. You decide where you want to work. Once started in the CareerCraft Academy, you will have access to additional training, coaching, TechTalks, exciting workshops and our extremely “gezellige” community.

We help you make the right decisions by focusing on the questions: ‘who am I?’, ‘what am I capable of?’ and ‘what do I want?’.

Procam in short:

  • Together we’ll find the right place to start your career.
  • You choose the job that fits you the best.
  • You’ll be given your own independent and experienced coach.
  • Determine your training program together with your coach.
  • Follow offline and online courses.
  • You’ll have access to training, a coach, workshops, events and a buddy program!
  • You start with a competitive entry salary.
  • Give yourself the best possible start of your career

Working opportunities

Do you enjoy solving complex challenges and do you have basic skills in programming?
The link between betas and IT isn’t always seen as the most obvious one. And that while there are endless possibilities and enough overlap between the two. Beta students are known to have strong analytical skills which is applicable in many areas of the IT field. And aside of that, there are many more skills that fit well within numerous IT facets. During your Beta studies one of your main goals is troubleshooting problems but you might also have learned to write and model algorithms. If so, you probably already have a basic knowledge of programming! This total package is the perfect skillset for both Beta and IT, they both know how to tackle complex challenges like no other!


Workshop (11:00 - 13:30)

Low-Code is a game changer. Writing code yourself is a time-consuming process, but with Low-Code platforms that is no longer necessary. Developers are able to develop applications with incredible efficiency. The development process only takes a couple of weeks instead of months and becomes a lot more dynamic.
By making use of visual modelling in a graphic interface, you can build and configure your applications. Tasks that were seen by traditional developers as 'boring and repetitive', are now being realised by the platform. That is exactly where things get interesting. Because code is largely generated by the platform, you are all of a sudden able to experiment and innovate much more quickly!
Would you like to know what that looks like exactly? In this workshop you are going to see how a web application is made in no-time and how you can decide what it is going to look like!