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Who we are

Pon is an international trading- and service company mainly operating in the mobility sector. You may recognise Pon from brands like Volkswagen, Porsche, Caterpillar, Swapfiets and Gazelle. This is just a small subset as Pon owns more than 80 companies and has a workforce of 13.000 employees in 32 countries!

What we do

The mobility industry is one of the fastest moving industries in the digital and technological area. The trend in multimodal mobility, electrification, urbanization, and many more is a trend that forces Pon to have the best beta people with the right skills. There is a big opportunity for students in data science, business analytics, computer science and any other digital/data/IT related study. All companies of Pon are continuously focussing on new (digital) business opportunities and we welcome any level or form of employment (working/dual student more than welcome at our Datalab).

The Pon Datalab is a central data science team working on many of these opportunities. Projects include preventive maintenance for our Caterpillar machines, stock optimisation for our Bike warehouses, recommender systems on VW websites, web scraping for our sales forces, AI on our connected cars, and more! Many of these projects need a solid infrastructure, a (web) front-end solution, integration with ERP-systems or a scalable cloud solutions. The Datalab works closely together with Pon Digital Solutions.

Basically, it is a big candy store with unlimited opportunities and freedom to create value for one of our cool brands!

Working opportunities

We offer (dual)positions at our PON Datalab and PON Digital solutions. Visit our booth for more information, or join our workshop!


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