Who we are and what we do

ING is increasingly transforming into a digital bank and has high ambitions in terms of IT. The bank is becoming an ever-more tech-driven organization with an outstanding engineering culture. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we need the very best people – not only experienced professionals, but also the very best starters.

Working opportunities

ING IT Class: heading for the top in IT

Do you get your Master or PhD degree from an EU university in 2020? Do you want to make an excellent career move into the Tech industry? The ING IT Class begins on 1 September 2020 and we are looking for top IT engineers.

Forward-thinking and Agile

You will work in an internationally oriented environment, where Business and IT professionals work together in Agile squads. The IT workforce consist of result-oriented, self-motivated professionals who enjoy delivering the best working software and keeping the realibilty of our systems at top level. You will work with continuous delivery and continuous integration principles. Our system’s landscape involves in-house development, configuration of vendor solutions (incl. usage of their domain specific languages), extensive automation of processes and data analysis, and many innovative new products. The majority of the IT organization is located in Amsterdam.