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    • Consultancy
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    • Worldwide: 28
    • The Netherlands: 28
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    • Amsterdam
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    • The Netherlands
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Data Science Lab

Who we are and what we do

Data Science Lab wants to be the knowledge partner in the field of data science and data engineering, which is known for the development of talented professionals. Our team consists of passionate digital thinkers. These experts take a close look at the clients data, creating new insights and help organizations solve data issues.

With us you will get started in the way that suits you best. This can be full-time or part-time, but at least in permanent employment. That's for sure. We are also flexible about terms and conditions of employment: together we look for forms of work that we can both find ourselves in. We discuss mutual expectations openly and honestly and, if necessary, we update them.

We like to work with professionals who really want to be involved. If you want, we do not only second you to clients, we also give you the chance to contribute to the organization of Data Science Lab. This way you have a direct impact on the company you work for.

Working opportunities

Example work case: Rijkswaterstaat

We helped Rijkswaterstaat with the development of a dashboard for the BE-GOOD project "predictive maintenance of roads". The aim of this project is to improve maintenance advice for asphalt and thereby reduce maintenance costs. Currently, asphalt ravaging damage is determined per hectare. Every hectometer is assigned a damage class based on e.g. inspections. This inspection is done with a measuring vehicle with LCMS (Laser Crack Measuring System), which measures the profile of the road at high resolution. From this measurement data, much more information can be extracted, with which better insight can be gained into the occurrence, or development, of fraying damage. We have developed an interactive dashboard in which the various damage characteristics for fraying (geographically and with diagrams) are visualized. The results will also be shared at a later stage with other foreign participants of BE-GOOD, with the aim of making this tool reusable for other road authorities within the EU.

For more projects, visit our website: https://datasciencelab.nl/cases/

Ambitions of the company for the upcoming years and how a science student can contribute to this:
Bringing in more and more projects in which colleagues have an interesting challenge. The ambition is to grow with 10 colleagues by 2020. We also want to grow as an internal organization and there are certainly growth opportunities for our starters.

Which education profile the company is looking for: Computer Science, Econometrics, Business Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Information Science.

Options for the students to work at the company: Junior Master graduates