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  • Sector:
    • Consultancy
    • Data Analytics
  • Number of employees:
    • Worldwide: 60
    • The Netherlands: 60
  • Location in The Netherlands:
    • Amersfoort
  • Operates in the following countries:
    • The Netherlands
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Who we are and what we do

Cmotions comprises some 60 driven professionals all working at the cutting edge of advanced analytics, data science and their application in management and administrative issues. We’re always looking for talent.

Personal development is a must
We believe in working with everyone’s talents. Talents, in a way, are the mark of the personality. Personality traits have a major impact on people’s behaviour and their development and their opportunities for development. Talents also have an impact on your motivation. You do better when your work suits your personal needs, preferences and talents.

That’s why we recruit, develop and assess you specifically on the talent that you already have but also want to develop further. We really care about individual attention and support. We provide practical work instructions to help you structure and monitor your assignments, but we also provide a dedicated mentor and training courses so you can continue to develop both your technical subject knowledge and your advising skills.

More about what working at Cmotions is like
Working at Cmotions means you will work for a wide variety of clients, taking the types of clients, the types and locations of the assignments and also your personal preferences and situation into account.

What we offer you
In our view, it is basic hygiene for an employer to offer good working conditions that are in line with the market. Above all, what we offer is an environment in which you can learn and develop, making mistakes is an inevitable part of that. You have the freedom to work according to how you see things and you can go to any of your colleagues for the support or reflection you need.

Working opportunities

Cmotions Data & Analytics Talent Academy
The kick-start for your career as a data & analytics specialist. Cmotions Data & Analytics Talent Academy is a unique development program. We train you, guide you to a permanent job with a top employer and coach and support you. So you can develop optimally both personally and professionally. And you become a true specialist in data & analytics. 

We start with a state of the art data & analytics training of almost 2 months full-time. You will be trained by the best data-specialists in professional knowledge, tools and personal skills. Not just theory, but a lot of practice, applications and cases. After that we guide you to a permanent job with a leading organization or at Cmotions. At first you are seconded to your employer and then you are hired by the employer. We bring you to the table, give you conversation training and guide your application process. How about working at, Eneco, De Persgroep, ING, KPN or other top employers!