Amsterdam Student Investment Fund

Amsterdam Student Investment Fund

At ASIF, everyone can take on responsibility and do something awesome – regardless of what you’re studying. In the process you meet like-minded students, get in touch with startups and learn from top-class investors.

As a part-time member of ASIF, you can help us attract the most innovative student start-ups, select the best startups to invest in, and grow new business to the next level.

Personal Growth

Within ASIF you can learn about entrepreneurship and investing in startups. These are things you can’t simply learn from a book. By talking with successful entrepreneurs and discussing real-life investment opportunities and you will develop valuable skills.

Execute Your Own Ideas

Do you have a great idea on how to reach our goals? An innovative event? A way to make students more entrepreneurial? We love new ideas and will do whatever we can to make your idea become a reality.  You might even be able to start your own business this way!

Build An Entrepreneurial Network

We bring together the most entrepreneurial students from all different fields, universities, and nationalities. We have a large network of startups, investors, and entrepreneurs that love to hear ideas, share knowledge and work together. Sometimes knowing the right people is all you need to do.