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  • Sector:
    • Consultancy
    • Data Analytics
    • Digital Technology
    • Financial Services
    • Information Technology (IT)
    • Public Sector
  • Number of employees:
    • Worldwide: 400.000
    • The Netherlands: 300+
  • Location(s) in The Netherlands:
    • Amsterdam
    • Utrecht
    • Eindhoven
    • Heerlen
  • Operates in the following countries:
    • 152 countries all over the world
  • Website:


Who we are and what we do

We are working with our clients to apply innovation and intelligence at the heart of their organizations. Accenture solves the toughest technological challenges, we drive innovation and shape the world around us. With expertise in more than 40 industries and all business functions, we deliver ground-breaking outcomes for a new digital world. Empowered with innovative tools, continues learning and backed up by a global community, we stay ahead of the game while making a difference.

Working opportunities

We are looking students and graduates from all different kind of studies, but with a strong interest in IT and innovation. High performers who have strong analytical skills, proactive attitude, strong communication skills and willing to challenge themselves to grow. We offer working internships, thesis internship and graduate jobs within all our departments; Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology, Operations & Security. You will work on a project base, with different clients and in different teams.


Interested how an actual project for the clients of Accenture will look like? Curious what kind of techniques we use at Accenture?

During our case we’ll explain the approach we use for our client projects step by step. Our focus for solutions are always related to innovation and New It. You’ll be encouraged to use your own creativity to come up with a technology driven, original and innovative solution. We’ll use methods like Design Thinking, Serious Games and Issue trees. Working with these methods in a team, and with the help of our consultants, you’ll create your own innovative and creative solutions and eventually present this solution.

Can you solve the problems troubling Company ABC? In this case you will perform a thorough analysis to provide your client with solutions and leverage new technologies to improve their business value. Use your skills to discover if you have what it takes to be a Accenture consultant.