• Biology & Life Sciences
  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  • Medical and biological microscopic research

Number of employees:

  • Worldwide: 18
  • The Netherlands: 18

Location in The Netherlands:

  • Hilversum

Operates in the following countries:

  • Worldwide



Information marketYes
One-on-one conversationsNo

SVI Huygens

Our mission

“To provide reliable, high quality, easy to use image processing tools for scientists working in light microscopy. Together with a 19 people strong dedicated team in close contact with the international scientific microscopic community, we continuously improve our software, keeping it at the forefront of technology.”

We search for ambitious imaging experts who realize they can do more for their field as sales at SVI_Huygens. You get project responsibility soon and a team of expert colleagues helping you at the start. We also search for excellent physicists and mathematicians both graduated and students with a keen focus on code development in image processing. See the Jobs tag on the website for specifics.