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Number of employees:

  • Worldwide: 5000
  • The Netherlands: 3000

Location in The Netherlands:

  • Northwest of the Netherlands

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  • Worldwide



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Seed Valley

Seed Valley in the North of Holland is the international center of plant breeding and seed technology. It is home to dozens of innovative companies that develop high-quality vegetable and flower varieties for the horticulture sector.

This is where ‘green software’ is developed, the genetic programming that determines how vegetables taste, the color and size of a flower, and a plant’s level of resistance to diseases. Here, specialists work continually on new plant varieties with higher yields and optimum growth under specific climate conditions. Discover the activities of these companies in this short video.

Genetic research is very important. In Seed Valley we use state-of-the-art analysis equipment to systematically study the DNA of plants and identify desirable characteristics. We do this on a large scale, for large quantities of plants, and at a fast pace. Breeding companies collect millions of data points each year.

The key is to be able to draw useful conclusions from such a growing of data that enable plant breeders to make progress. Molecular researchers, bioinformatics specialists and data analysts are essential for this task.

From the Seed Valley region, plant reproduction material and associated technology is exported to customers worldwide, contributing to a healthy and flowering world. Did you know that more than half of all the vegetables in the world have their origins in Seed Valley?

Career Opportunities

Companies in Seed Valley offer both job opportunities as well as internship possibilities and positions for writing a bachelor or master thesis.