• Biology & Life Sciences
  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology (IT)

Number of employees:

  • 61.000 worldwide
  • 3500 in the Netherlands

Location in The Netherlands:

  • Oosterhout,
  • Leiden,
  • Amsterdam,
  • Barneveld,
  • Graauw,
  • Heerenveen,
  • Barendrecht,
  • Wageningen

Operates in the following countries:

  • 59 countries



Information marketYes
One-on-one conversationsNo

Eurofins Scientific

Eurofins Scientific – a relatively young (1987) and fast growing (CAGR >25%) international company in Life Sciences with over 940 laboratories and 61.000 employees. We grow organically every year, acquire new laboratories (25 worldwide in 2021) and launch multiple startups supported by our existing businesses. With over 200.000 unique analytical methods we´re number one in the world in testing, helping to make our planet safer every day. Eurofins´ offers B2B services in research and advise focusing on environmental testing, food, feed & water, clinical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, agro sciences, material sciences, forensics and genomics.

In the Netherlands we have over 35 locations and 3500 employees. We continuously look for students and graduates, whether it is part-time in one of our labs, doing an internship with us or starting your career. For graduates we have positions in our labs, in R&D, in IT, in finance and also we search for trainees. We’re looking for Management Trainees, Operations Trainees, Commercial and Technical Trainees. Our fast paced environment ensures you of a steep learning curve in starting your career. Due to our strong autonomous growth and acquired companies, opportunities are always at the horizon.

Whether you have a degree in engineering, science of business administration, at Eurofins we always have multiple opportunities available for talented candidates. It’s in our DNA to make sure everyone can make an impact immediately. Do you have a challenging mindset towards your environment and apply the same high standards to your own deliverables? Are you always driven to receive the best possible results? We probably bring out the best in each other!

Life at Eurofins is a meritocracy, where people are empowered to make decisions and are rewarded for their success, allowing them to advance quickly. Become your most extraordinary self with support and development throughout your career.

Working opportunities

Within the Management Traineeship at Eurofins there are many different projects that you can occupy yourself with. Immediately you’ll get a lot of responsibilities, with an accompanying salary. An example of such a project is contributing to the implementation of a new LIMS (Lab Inventory Management System) as a sort of junior project manager. During this you’re directly in touch with a lot of the different departments: ranging from sales, customer support and IT, to the lab, logistics and quality assurance.

After such a project you will be able to follow this up with a new project in another department, like Finance, Lean (process optimization) or Business Development. Whether you like to stay in the same location or move to one of the other locations in that division for the next project is completely up to your own interest.

In 2 years of the traineeships you’ll get plenty of opportunity to develop your own abilities, not just through four of these projects but also with different trainings and workshops that are offered to you together with the other trainees. After the traineeship there is ample opportunity to grow towards a management function within the company. This will happen in consultation with your Managing Director to find overlap between your desires and the positions that can be filled or created. It’s not required to have a particular background in life sciences or a quantitative study, although a life science background might help you in the first months to understand the labs and their language a bit quicker.