• Digital Technology
  • Information Technology

Number of employees:

  • Worldwide: 15

Location in The Netherlands:

  • Leiden

Operates in the following countries:

  •  Worldwide



Information marketYes
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We’re a group of cybersecurity experts, ethical hackers, and developers. Our unique character is defined by combining our extensive web security and web development knowledge, where each of these two key areas are of indispensable value to the other. We try to make the web better and more secure by empowering our customers with best-in-class solutions.

Our customers can be found amongst a wide range of international businesses and organisations, such as banks, hospitals and government entities. Our services include:

  • Pentesting


  • Code reviews
  • Development of security-related products such as Reporter

See Reporter is used by worldwide by well-known organisations to conduct security assessments (pentests).

Career Opportunities

DongIT is the place to unleash your ambitions! Joining our team means working in a productive environment and always moving forward, continually building on your skill set and tackling new challenges. We provide a platform for you to make an impact, not only on our business but also on the world around us. The work style at DongIT is certainly flexible, in and out of the office, and in return we expect independent output and a fun addition to the team. We have availability for positions ranging from junior to senior level, including:

  • Full-stack Developer

Some of the involved tech: Laravel, Vue, Elasticsearch, Redis, Linux, Docker, WebSocket, Gitlab, and more. You’ll be working on applications such as Reporter (

  • Dev/Ops Engineer

Docker, Ansible, Python, Kubernetes, and more.

  • Pentester

web apps, mobile apps, large enterprise networks, social engineering, and more.

One-on-one conversations

We are looking for ambitious and educated security enthusiasts (pentesters / ethical hackers), as well as passionate web developers and software engineers that can embrace new and flexible working styles, in or out of the office. We have a beautiful office in Leiden, but work can be done where work can be done. The most important thing is that you are motivated to deliver results, from wherever you work, and that you enjoy what you do!