• Financial Services
  • Information Technology

Number of employees:

  • Worldwide: 254
  • The Netherlands: 186

Location in The Netherlands:

  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam

Operates in the following countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • Bulgaria



Information marketYes
One-on-one conversationsNo


We are bunq, bank of The Free. We’re here to break free from the status quo, and create a bank with our users in mind. Giving them the freedom to live life on their own terms.

We built our own financial system from the ground up, and with the launch of our app in 2015, reinvented banking as you know it. And we’ve only just begun! We work around the clock to create fintech innovations that simply make banking and money management as easy, transparent, and fun as possible. 

Want to join us in our mission to revolutionise the traditional banking industry? You will become part of an international team of more than 270 bunqers (43 nationalities and counting!) that all have one thing in common: we love what we do. Waking up with brilliant ideas and going to bed knowing that you’ve personally contributed to them. That’s working at bunq.

Career Opportunities

Our engineers are redefining what it means to manage your finances, integrating our systems into more and more local payment networks and scaling our infrastructure to help us take on the banking sector!

We are looking for ambitious people with sharp minds who love to make a difference every day! Our backgrounds vary from finance to physics, and from Ph.D. to college drop-out. For us what matters is where we’ll go together, not where you come from.

Workshop:  Automate your finances with the API of The Free

Do you gave a great idea for an app that involves payments or finances? At bunq we expose the API that is used by our app publicly so anyone can use it as a building block in their next game-changing application. In this workshop, we’ll use our API to realise your ideas.


  • please bring a laptop with a running Python or PHP development environment,
  • think of a problem you want to solve using our API
  • sign up for a bunq account (we’d love to have you as a customer, but for the purposes of this workshop, a free trial suffices)


  • Basic programming skills in e.g. Python or PHP