• Data Analytics
  • Digital Technology
  • Information Technology (IT)

Number of employees:

  • 72

Location in The Netherlands:

  • Utrecht

Operates in the following countries:

  • The Netherlands



Information marketYes
One-on-one conversationsNo

BPM Company

BPM Company is an IT organization based in Utrecht. We are specialized in automating and optimizing business processes. Our mission is to help our customers with making their business operations digital, efficient and future-proof. In this way we make impact within top 500-organizations!

As a gold partner of Pegasystems, we build project based digital solutions with Pega. Because of Pega’s innovative and visual capabilities, we are not only able to optimize business processes, but also to ensure that the journey towards runs efficiently.

In addition, BPM Company is a personal organization. In addition to the annual company outings and the weekly Friday afternoon drinks, we therefore devote a lot of attention to the personal and professional development of our people. In this way, everyone within BPM Company can follow a career path that suits their ambitions!

Career opportunities

Especially for starters we developed a traineeship in collaboration with a number of our customers. This traineeship exists of 15 months, in which you will be supervised and paid in full. In the first period (2-3 months) you will learn the theory of Pega’s. Thereafter, in the second period (12 months) you will work for one of our customers, with the aim of learning to work with Pega and getting to know the customer. After this, the traineeship is over and you will get a permanent contract at that the customer or BPM Company

Which customer this will be, depends on your residence. The traineeship has been developed in collaboration with the customers Rabobank (Utrecht), Transavia (Amsterdam), LeasePlan (Amsterdam), MKB Fuel (Rotterdam), De Mandemakers Groep (Waalwijk) and DICTU (The Hague)!

You bring this

  • ✓ A completed HBO/WO degree with a IT component
  • ✓ An absolute passion for business processes
  • ✓ Affinity with programming
  • ✓ Dutch speaking
  • ✓ Proactive go-getter who goes for it with the full 100 %

You deserve this

  • ✓ Full salary from day one
  • ✓ Hybrid work construction
  • ✓ NS Business Card or kilometer allowance
  • ✓ Get started with a cool technology
  • ✓ An extensive onboarding program including certifications
  • ✓ Personal development plan with tools and substantive guidance
  • ✓ Part of a project team where you get started right away
  • ✓ A permanent appointment with many career opportunities with the customer